About Us


We are a social  ROCK N ROLL club as well as other types of dance styles to cater for various types of music and interests

We teach beginner & intermediate classes for social rock n roll dancing

Intermediate classes  take you  from the basic beginners  to some really cool moves. We have lots of moves we have borrowed stolen googled and made up to get you to go as far as you want.

Our club nights are Fridays 7pm – 9.30pm with a live band one Friday of the month

Membership to our club is $20   per year.  This gives you free entry to our social dances and  ability to join our Facebook site showing all the moves we teach if you want a bit of practice at home.

Lesson class fees are $5 each,    club nights are $3 each

Facebook  site        Southern rock and roll club          check it out

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